Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hi seventh graders! This is the video that we did for section 5 of our research notebooks:

Nicolas Carr "The Shallows"

Watch the video, do the checklist page, and then fill out section 5 of our research notebook.

Also, this is fun:    Random Facts to Explode Your Brain

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

PARCC Practice Test

Go to this website:

Click on GRADE SIX

Click on Computer-Based Unit 1

Type your first name and last initial

Do your best!

When you're finished, submit your answers then BRING YOUR COMPUTER TO ME TO SHOW ME YOUR TEST RESULTS. We will print your score sheet.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

7th Grade 3/1/2017

MUST DO: 15 minutes

Watch Look Up by Gary Turk. In your Neurologist's Notebook, identify Gary Turk's claim and four supporting details for his claim.

CAN DO: 10 minutes

Choose one of the following videos to view.
In your Neurologist's Notebook, write down the name of your video choice and then an I Notice/I Wonder T-Chart with three things you notice and three things you wonder.

Extra time?

Take this Non-Scientific Quiz to find out how bad your tech addiction is.

Get off of this blasted machine and read a book! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Adolescent Brain

This is the Ted Talk that we watched in class.

This is what you need next: the Child's Developing Brain Interactive from the New York Times.

Play around with the interactive and then finish completing your questions comparing the multi-media brain interactive with our text copy.

Extra time? Check out the following:


Friday, December 2, 2016

7th Grade

Must Do: Spend the next 10 minutes exploring the following links

George Bernard Shaw Quotes : Choose the quote that you like the most from the Pygmalion author and write it on your paper

Mini Biography: George Bernard Shaw : Write down two important things about George Bernard Shaw

The adapted musical of Pygmalion: My Fair Lady preview! With Audrey Hepburn (!)

Can Do: In the next 15 minutes, choose from the next selection of links that interest you.

What does Liza's accent sound like? 

One woman, 17 British accents

The Victorian era was strange 

Original Footage from London, Milan, and Paris in 1896

So you want to dress like a Victorian gentleman

...or a Victorian lady

MUST DO: 10 minutes   (HERO's JOURNEY)

CAN DO: 15 minutes
Choose a couple that peak your interest to check out! (Scientific origins of a minotaur)  (What was the Minotaur?)   (The Hero's Journey in movies)